Washable Face Mask with filter pocket - Unisex - Medium Size


Belle de Jour "LOVE NATURE BDJ" mask with three layers of cotton tissue and nose wire.

High protection, Reusable and Handmade comfortable cotton triple layers (two of cotton and one of chiffon inside) and a filter pocket.

- 3 Breathable 100% cotton layers with an inside pocket for a disposable filter

- Pocket for reusable filter

- Comfortable fit

- Good fixation with nose wire and soft elastic adjustable head loops

- Washable and reusable

- Durable and lightweight

Available in three colors, white, black and green

Medium Size : 12.5 cm (height at the middle) x  20 cm

Our recommendation:

Use one cotton mask per day. Wash it at minimum 60° Celsius and dry it carefully. If you need to go to public places everyday, get a stock of minimum three masks of different color so you can easily manage the one to wash to the one the wear.

Carefully wash your hand, or use hydro-alcohol gel before touching it. We recommend to always get a small bottle of hydro-alcohol gel with you.

How is the coronavirus transmitted?

Once a human being is infected, the virus is transmitted to other human beings through the respiratory tract and physical contact, specifically through saliva splashes, no matter how tiny they are. That’s why masks are so important regarding the coronavirus, and even more important for infected people.

However, there is another way of contamination: touching your eyes, nose or mouth after touching a contaminated surface (door handle, mobile phone, computer keyboard, bank note, documents, etc.).

Since the virus can only survive a few hours on these surfaces outside the body, there is no need to worry if you receive a package that has been in contact with the virus. On the other hand, if an infected person has just touched a surface that you then touch, there would be a high risk of contamination, since the number of times a human being touches its face without realizing it is countless…

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